This is my Lifestyles website dedicated for people photography. Its designed to showcase commercial advertising photography,lifestyle photography in Denver Colorado and consumer photography like family portraits and children photography.

Whenever I’m commissioned to do advertising lifestyle photography or hired by a family to immortalize a moment in time, I work for two goals. Of course, my client always comes first and I listen (like a mouse listens for the sound of house-cat footsteps) to their desires. I make sure to envision their direction and I work hard to fulfill their expectations.

But honestly, my career in photography would get a little dull if I just replicated the same shots over and over again. So my dual goal with ever photo-shoot is to create an uncommon work of art - a photographic image that will outlive us all.

I’ve been making photographs since before I was born (or so it seems). And I’ve been surrounded by photography ever since. My father Edward Angelo (1919-1983), was a world renown photographer, my sister Olivia (1948-2013) was a brilliant photographer, my cousin Mark Kiryluck recently was honored with an installation of his works at the Colorado History museum, and my brother in-law Zach Singer is an active fine-art photographer.

My name is Edward deCroce and I approve this message.